Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Trimming and Pruning in Kansas City, Missouri

Tree trimming and pruning is one of the most important step to tree care as it is very beneficial. Many of our residential clients call to remove their tree branches to prevent hazardous situations, to promote the health and growth of the tree, or to simply improve the appearance of the tree. Our Kansas City arborists are trained to cut trees in the least harmful way possible. We have all the equipments and resources needed to provide quality residential services.

Pruning Technique

Here are several types of pruning that we offer in Kansas City, MO as well as other nearby areas:

  • Crown cleaning
    This process involves removing water sprouts and pruning dead, diseased, and too thick branches of trees found in tree crowns.
  • Crown raising
    Trim tree branches that are too low so as not to disturb the road and pedestrians.
  • crown restoration
    That is a technique to improve the structure, shape, and appearance of trees. The crown restoration usually is done to trees that have been diseased or damaged due to improper handling. This process requires several pruning sessions over several years as it waits for new dominant branches to form.
  • Young tree training
    Pruning of young trees must be done continuously for the first ten years after planting trees. The goal is to prune young trees so that they can develop firm structures, have sturdy centers, strong branches, and branches that can grow neatly.
tree trimming in kansas city

Our pruning technique types of pruning above, are some that we provide but are not limited to. If you are interested in the specific ways of our technique, please disclose that when we communicate. Most tree trimming that we provide are for weight reduction ( cuts at the end of limbs), removing infrastructure, and removing damaged parts. If you’re purely looking to just improve the current condition of your tree, please disclose that as well.

At our Kansas City tree service company, our job is to satisfy you with our work. Which is why we stress the importance of clear communication.

Pruning Your Trees With The Right Steps

The city of Kansas City does not have specific rules regarding the maintenance of trees or plants that grow on private property. However, you will need permission if you want to take care of the trees on your property if your land is located next to a critical area. The critical area includes flood hazard areas, critical aquifer recharge areas, stream corridors, fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas (FWHCAs), and wetlands.

Property owners can get permission to do tree trimming and pruning by submitting their application at the Permit Center.

If you have obtained permission from the Permission Center, you can immediately start caring for the trees on your property. All pruning and pruning work must follow the Kansas City Street Tree Pruning Standards. If the pruning does not meet the standards, you will be deemed to have breached the code and will be subject to civil and criminal penalties and tree replacements. Here are some of the crucial points in the tree pruning standard in the city of Kansas City.


Pruning aims to develop and preserve tree structures, maintain tree health, and finally make trees look beautiful. Everyone who prunes their trees, especially those adjacent to public areas, must use the right method. Using an appropriate way aims to maintain the shape of a tree that is typical of the species even after pruning.

The Permit Application.

Anyone who has trees adjacent to public roads or areas belonging to the city government must obtain a Street Tree Pruning Permit permit from the Kansas City City permit center. The designated property owner can apply for a tree pruning permit at the city permit center. This permission request does not require any fees. And, you also have to make sure the exact location before, during, and after the trimming process is complete.

If you are interested in our tree trimming or pruning services in Kansas City, Missouri, please contact us at 816-608-5987.

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